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SPARAV Antivirus Protection

Take advantage of our full range of Antivirus Security features for your MAC.

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Protect your MAC and other devices.

Superior Antivirus protection which will provide you with complete security and privacy.

SPARAV for Windows PC

SPARAV Antivirus Protection Application for the Windows PC.

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SPARAV Antivirus Protection Application for Apple / Mac OSX.

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SPARAV for Android

SPARAV Antivirus Protection App for Android phones.

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SPARAV Antivirus Protection App for iPhones.

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Place your trust in our hands and your cyber protection in our abilities. Nowadays we are living in a digital era, where we spend most of the time on our smartphones and computers. Shopping, googling, scrolling through social media, ordering food online. We are used to leaving online traces, bits of information about us, pieces of a puzzle which make you, You.

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What are we offering?

Constant 24/7 active protection for both your computer and your mobile phone.

Realtime protection

Nothing is more important than the constant active protection of your devices. SPARAV Antivirus will provide you with completely hands-free protection continuously and flawlessly on a daily basis.

All-in-one solution

SPARAV Antivirus will not only be an all-in-one security solution for your computer but it is also able to protect your mobile phone too. Powerful scan features, scheduled scans, active real-time protection, automatic updates.

System Monitoring

Our system is cut-out to constantly monitor, block, and alert whenever a threat is detected. Because of the multiple detection methods and advanced algorithms, our software offers real-time active monitoring and protection which will keep your computer safe and your privacy protected.

Mobile Protection

Yes, all this can be accomplished on your mobile phone too. SPARAV Antivirus is a powerful tool which will keep your phone protected whilst using the minimum of your smartphone`s performance capacity.

Improve performance

Your PC will naturally slow down over time. Our service helps identify errors and programs that affect the overall performance of your devices.

Scheduled scans

No more worrying about when was the last time you've performed a scan! Our software's scheduler will allow you to automatically scan your device. These scheduled scans in combination with the active protection will provide you with maximum security state.

Threat database

Our Antivirus has one of the most extensive threat databases. In translation, this means that not a single threat will be left unnoticed. SPARAV Antivirus will find and eliminate each and every single one of them. On top of this, another exceptional thing is that this virus’s database is constantly and automatically updated from various sources.

Rest Assured: You are Protected

Choose our services and we assure you long gone will be the days when you had to worry about the protection of your devices.

Industry-leading attention to detail

In a world so tightly intertwined and connected have you stopped to wonder about your privacy and protection of your personal information? Have you thought about how close you are to becoming a target?

Don’t be scared nor overwhelmed when talking about cyber-security

We at SPARAV are here to do all the heavy lifting for you. We will take care of it all! Not only we are passionate and dedicated to what we do, but we are also offering software with superior quality.

Our product, the Shield Antivirus will be just that. A Shield which will protect you from all to-date viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware and spyware for both desktop computers and Android mobile devices.

We will make sure you have full and round-the-clock protection from harmful malware, threats and viruses.

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